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Connie P Chong, Owner and creator of URBAN BAKES

Hi there and Welcome!

I’m Connie, a native New Yorker and self taught baker-photographer-writer, now residing in sunny Arizona!

In 2012, I re-discovered my passion for baking thanks to many hours on Pinterest gazing over pretty desserts.  As a result, I felt compelled to give many of these tantalizing sweets a try and so, URBAN BAKES was born.

Some of the most happiest moments as a child was baking boxed cakes, cupcakes and cookies.  Although its appearance wasn’t always appetizing, it was the experience and genuine smiles from the faces of family and friends which gave me so much gratification.  Years later, with a better creative eye and a palate to please, I am continuously expanding my skill set around the camera and kitchen.  At times, it’s a challenge but there’s never a dull moment and it’s always fun!  The best part of it all, is being able to share and inspire others through the flavors and art of food.

Come look around, indulge your eyes, try a recipe or two, and leave a comment about your experience.  As always, thank you for visiting!

Question or comments?  Please leave them at the end of the post of interest as I am sure this may help others as well.  For business inquiries, please send an email to or use the Contact Page.