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Taste of Travel

Taste of Travel | URBAN BAKES 2

For all my loyal fans new and old, although I may have not talked about it much, I have a rather large affinity for tasting cuisines from other cultures.  Like many food bloggers, being able to create or replicate a recipe unique to a particular region, keeps me passionate about what I’m able to bring to you.  Some examples to date are these South American Alfajores, my Middle Eastern Baklava or even my grandmother’s Spanish Style Spaghetti with Chicken from Ecuador.

As we all know there is no better way to experience these foods true authenticity than with boots on the ground across the world!  I’m excited to announce that I have stumbled across an opportunity that will allow me to take my passion in food and desserts that’s enjoyed by others and combine it with what I’ve enjoyed for as long as I can remember which is, traveling!

Taste of Travel | URBAN BAKES

What I came across will absolutely spice up URBAN BAKES with the use of the world’s first Smart Card (not yet released to the public).  This Smart Card will allow me travel to some of the world’s most beautiful places such as Dubai, Australia, Africa and so much more by doing things that I already do such as shopping at major retailers at a discounted rate!  While I encounter these new experiences, I’m excited to be able to share recipes from places I have only dreamed about going!

Smart Card | URBAN BAKES

I would like to reward some of my loyal fans to the same opportunity that has been given to me.  Starting this Sunday and for the next six weeks, I will be creating a Sunday Sliders Series.  At the end of my series, I will reward one person with this new cutting edge technology- the world’s first Smart Card!

For a demonstration of the Smart Card, please email me at

I look forward to hearing your feedback from my TASTE of TRAVEL collection.  Stay tuned!

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Adventure Begins | URBAN BAKES